Jodiel Hill

The Need For Constitutional Law

053 The Need For Constitutional LawIn every nation or country, it is a must to have a system to put everything in order so as make the country productive and efficient with regards to economy, education, healthcare, and many more. This is the reason why there is a need for a government. But before you can have a ruling body, a constitutional law must first be created because this law is the one that creates a relationship among the three major branches of the government, namely, the executive, legislative, and judicial branch. These three entities are responsible for everything that is happening in the country, but of course along with the help of the citizens’ votes because they are the ones who will put the rightful people in office. So to know more about this body of law, it is best to tackle about its three branches first.

The executive branch of the government is the body that is responsible for the implementation of the plans of the government. It is responsible for executing the laws being passed by the senators and the person who plays a major role in this branch is the president. This person, but of course with the help of advisers, has the power to approve which laws would be beneficial for the entire nation. Next, the legislative body is the one that makes laws. They make bills and through debates and analizations of the proposed bills, they choose which ones to pass for the executive body to approve. For every nation there is a different kind of system, it can be unicameral, bicameral, or tricameral. A unicameral legislative body only has one house, the bicameral has two, and the tricameral has three of course. For each house, they have different duties and responsibilities and their powers are also different from each other as well. Lastly, the judicial branch of the government is the branch responsible for penalizing those people that violate the laws and even the president is not exempted. They are the ones responsible in interpreting and analyzing a specific law which a person breaks.

Indeed, there is a need for a government in every nation because it brings peace and order. Without it, there would be freedom of course, but everyone would not feel that feeling because each person would do what his mind would dictate, thus resulting to chaos. So as citizens of our respective countries, we need to be responsible and abide to our laws so that we can make the world a better place.

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